The staff here are extremely friendly and personable. Desiree, their office manager (I'm not exactly sure of her title) is amazing! She has helped me so many times and always very friendly and welcoming. She always remembers me on the phone when I call. There is another girl who is at the front who is also super helpful. I changed insurances and there was an issue with it. She walked me through the steps, gave me the correct phone numbers to call and waited for everything to go through. They also made sure that I saw the doctor right away since this took time during my initial appointment.

Their new location on Vermont is also super convenient and parking is free with validation (amazing).

Dr. Kaiser tends to be busy and harder to see on a last minute basis, but she is amazing. She did a surgery for me and everything went extremely well.

Overall, All Women's Care has been a godsend to me and really helped me transition my medical issues from Northern CA down here. I'm so glad I found them when I moved to LA.