Dr. Bente Kaiser is amazing. My first time I went there was because I lost a baby last year. I wanted to start having more kids and wanted to make sure I was healthy and ready to start trying again. My first visit was great! Dr.Kaiser was amazing and she answered all my questions. The staff was super nice. Dr. Kaiser said I could start having children right away. I left super exited. Unfortunately, after a week they called me and said the lab found abnormal cells. I went back for the 3rd time and had a biopsy.  I was diagnosed with CIN3 dysplasia. Dr. Kaiser schedule me for a surgery right away. Surgery was successful! Doctor Kaiser is passionate about her job. She really cares about her patients well being, her main priority is to do what she can to save their lives and take care of them. All her staff is amazing and they do what they can to help the community.